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Dr. Marco Ehrl is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He earned his first M.A. in Communication and American Studies from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. He earned his second M.A. in Communication from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. in Communication from Texas A&M University. His research explores European and International crisis narratives, global media, and political rhetoric. Using mixed methods, Marco’s research examines how political crisis narrators like the media, public spheres, and political leaders define the causes, consequences, and cures of political crises. Dr. Ehrl's recent publications appeared in the International Journal of Strategic Communication and Communication and the Public. In addition, Dr. Ehrl regularly presents his research at conferences including the International Association for Media and Communication Research, the International Society for the Study of Argumentation, the National Communication Association, and the Rhetoric Society of America. Dr. Ehrl is also a board member of the World Affairs Council of Greater Reading and has worked with the Pentagon-based Strategic Multi-Layered Assessment Group conducting open-source intelligence research.


Strategic Narratives:

The financial crisis in 2008, the refugee crisis in 2015, and Brexit in 2016. Transnational crisis situations continue to define our political worlds. How do political opinion leaders like the media, public spheres, and politicians define the causes, consequences, and cures of an emerging crisis narrative?

Crisis Communication and Political Rhetoric:

A political crisis often implies a breakdown in the symbol-system that legitimated the pre-crisis political order. Public statements from elected officials during a crisis create opportunities and constraints for officials to (re)build political legitimacy.


2014 - 2018

Texas A&M University

Ph.D. | Communication

2012 - 2014

Central Michigan University

M.A. | Communication


University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

M.A. | Communication & American Studies

Qualitative & Quantitative Media Analyses:

Political crises do not exist as such but they are socially constructed by the media, public spheres, and the political elite. A mixed-methods approach allows me to trace the numerical and rhetorical trajectories of media narratives.

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